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Mission, Vision, and Values


To provide high-quality pediatric specialty care to the children of Virginia through clinical excellence, innovation, education, research, and family-centered care.


To create a culture of health and wellness in a patient-centric, physician-led model of care while integrating the strengths from two premier organizations.



We treat each person with dignity, taking the time to be present, to listen, to explain, and to understand.


We behave ethically, morally, and respectfully towards our patients, co-workers, partners, and company.


We work together to bring out the best from our combined talents, experiences, knowledge, and cultures, thereby creating strong and successful relationships.


We work on behalf of our patients and their families when it comes to the important health care decisions they face.


We take pride in our work, continuously improving our skills and abilities so that our distinctive service benefits those we serve and with whom we work.


We put the patient first in all we do. We always remember that caring for the individual patient and his or her family is at the heart of our mission and our vision.