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Employee Recognition Winners

​The Winners of the Employee Recognition Program, Making It All Better:

June, 2017- Dr. Rupa Dainer, MD

May, 2017 - Kathleen Scarbalis, PA-C

April, 2017 - Anne Clagett

March, 2017-

Joriee Dorman

February, 2017-

Amina Ebraham

December, 2016-

Amanda Walsh, RN in Gastroenterology

November, 2016 -

Dr. Marshall Schorin, MD in Cancer and Blood Disorders

October, 2016 -

Diana Nguyen, Laboratory Technical Assistant at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, was  nominated by the parents of a patient who stated: “Diana is an angel.  She deserves a lot of credit for her calm demeanor and competence as a pediatric phlebotomist”.

September, 2016 -

Jennifer Muroski, an Administrative Assistant in Hamaker, suite 200 , was nominated by Erin Bonnaure, for her tremendous efforts in planning and executing PSV’s 2nd annual 5K.  Erin noted that Jennifer tirelessly assisted with maintaining a sponsor database, picking up gift card donations outside of work hours, helped with packet stuffing/pick-up, and assured all areas were covered.  Jennifer was Erin’s go-to person throughout the whole process. 

August, 2016

Anna Remer, a Registered Nurse in Allergy, was nominated by, Cassie Dikeman, following an extraordinary compliment from a patient’s parent.  The parent noted that, “Anna went above and beyond to help me make preparations for my daughter’s care.  Anna was extremely responsive, approachable and friendly!”. 

July, 2016

Coming Soon

June, 2016

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngCassie Dikeman:


May, 2016

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngMary Beth Scott:


April, 2016

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngKaren Worthy:


March, 2016

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngCathy Fuentes:


February, 2016 – 

Picture Coming Soon:  Tanika Findley-Wilkerson:  "Tanika was a huge help ensuring the Ashburn move was a great success.  Tanika worked tirelessly on Friday and Saturday setting up the new clinic to ensure we'd be open for business on Monday for patients! – Rebecca McFarland, PSV Clinic Manager - Ashburn

January, 2016 –

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngKaren Worthy: "Karen always has a smile for my daughter that makes it easier for her to be calm.  It makes all the difference to start her clinic day." - PSV Patient and her Mother

December, 2015 – 

Picture Coming Soon:  Anne Clagett: "Anne is always very helpful and great at everything she does." – Maria Martinez, PSV

November, 2015 – 

Renee Caradine: "Renee is an amazing leader who works hard, supports her team and constantly finds solutions to any problems that arise - Rasha Kazam, PSV


October, 2015 –

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngErika Hernandez: Nominated for her team spirit and willingness to always help while she was assisting with out Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders - Luz Pena, PSV


September, 2015 –

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngDiana Argueta: Assisted both the 3rd Floor and the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders by reviewing appointments ensuring patients were scheduled with the correct provider - Dilshad Dhillon, PSV 5th Floor Clinic Manager

August, 2015 –

Nora-web.pngRashidah Bashir: Volunteered to support her fellow co-workers when her workload was completed - Nora Washington, PSV Practice Manager


July, 2015 –

Nora-web.pngPatrice Park: Complimented by a patient for her customer service and making the patient feel at ease during her visits to PSV - PSV Patient

June, 2015 –

Nora-web.pngDr. William McClintock (Neurologist): Acknowledged by a patient for his excellent care and assistance. - PSV Patient


May, 2015 – 

Meibel Crespo: Providing material donation to GI RN for scanning medical files - Ja West, PSV Desktop Coordinator


April, 2015 – 

Dr. Muhammad Khan (Gastroenterologist): Being approachable and taking time to answer my questions - Patient


March, 2015  – 

Jenny-web_08-13-15.pngJenny Requena: Providing the best front desk service - Patient


February, 2015 –

Angela Jones:  Being helpful, kind and a great listener - Patient


January, 2015 –

Soni Sigaran: Reminding me to get a referral before leaving the facility - Patient


December, 2014 –

Nora-web.pngRashidah Bashir: Adjusting her work schedule to assist specialties in Suite 600 - Shineca Soloman, PSV RN (Infectious Disease)


November, 2014 – 

Nora-web.pngNora Washington: Providing superior customer service in Ortho/Genetics - Cresia Walker, PSV Director of Operations